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World novelty: Prosecco DOC Rosé from SCAVI & RAY

SCAVI & RAY presents a real world novelty: The first Prosecco Rosé in Germany. After the Italian Prosecco Consortium allowed the introduction of a rosé variant in May 2019, the changes may now be officially implemented since August 13, 2020. From November 2020, the premium prosecco of the Italian SCAVI & RAY WINERY will be available as Prosecco DOC Rosé.

SCAVI & RAY Prosecco DOC Rosé – Millesimato

Since the decision last year, we have already planned everything and carried out tastings with top-class vintners and sommeliers in order to develop an absolute premium product. The demand for rosé sparkling wines is immense and we are presenting our SCAVI & RAY Prosecco DOC Rosé as an absolute world novelty here in Germany”, says Sabrina Ramchen, Senior Brand Manager SCAVI & RAY. The Prosecco Rosé version of the SCAVI & RAY WINERY will be available from November 2020. The SCAVI & RAY Prosecco DOC Rosé consists of 88 percent of the white Prosecco grape Glera and 12 percent of the Pino Nero DOC grape. The Prosecco has a pale pink color and an intense perlage with well-balanced, floral fruit notes. On the palate, this unique Prosecco Rosé from Veneto with its eleven percent by volume tastes very clean and fruity-mild. The residual sugar content is around 10 grams per liter.

Consortium DOC Prosecco

In May 2019, the members of the DOC Prosecco Consortium voted to amend their statutes to allow the introduction of a Prosecco Rosé variant. The Italian authorities have now put the new regulation into force. From now on, winemakers are allowed to produce a Prosecco Rosé within the DOC area. To introduce the rosé variant, the consortium has decided that the proportion of Pinot Nero DOC grape in the Prosecco Rosé must be at least 10 percent and a maximum of 15 percent. The Prosecco DOC Rosé must be a vintage wine “Millesimato” and must be labelled with the reference vintage. Production will only be allowed in the Spumante versions as Brut Nature, Extra Brut, Brut and Extra Dry.
C Rosé.

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