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Indulge your senses in a celebration with every sip: to fully savour the vibrant fruitiness of SCAVI & RAY LUMINOSO SPUMANTE, it is best enjoyed chilled at around 8°C.

Only available upon Request!

Luminoso Spumante

The SCAVI & RAY LUMINOSO SPUMANTE elevates the category of sparkling wine to a new level. The brilliantly greenglowing label captures the audience’s attention and sparks desire. For the connoisseur, an elegant Extra Dry Spumante unfolds with notes of fresh light fruits such as apples, pears, mirabelles and hints of peach. The effervescence is fine, emphasising freshness and juiciness. The finish is carried by bright fruit and a touch of mint.

As the city lights awaken and the beats of music set the pulse of the night, the SCAVI & RAY LUMINOSO SPUMANTE takes the stage, adding perfect accents and making the night unforgettable. Whether in chic clubs, exclusive events or stylish rooftop parties, one thing is certain: the connoisseur is immersed into a night with style, elegance and a touch of sparkling magic.

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