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SCAVI & RAY on successful course

Italian premium brand offers an extensive portfolio

The current range of the premium Italian brand SCAVI & RAY ranges from Prosecco Frizzante and Spumante over SCAVI & RAY Rosato, topical scene drinks like Sprizzione and HUGO to delicate wines (for catering) and fine grappa.

The "Finest Prosecco" SCAVI & RAY strikes with stylish design and excellent quality and stands for lifestyle and luxury. This makes the brand a coveted partner wherever taste, style and elegance are required. These are some of the reasons why SCAVI & RAY is present at prestigious fashion shows as well as on the red carpet of high-caliber international events such as film premieres or the Echo. These eye-catching appearances make SCAVI & RAY an emotionally strong premium brand which arouses the costumer’s desire for the extraordinary.

Design collaborations, such as with Marcel Ostertag and the trendy handbag label GEORGE GINA & LUCY (GGL), have helped to pave the way for the successful gastro brand, which has become a well established greatness for food retailers and end-users. Since 2013, the award-winning premium Prosecco is the official sponsor of London Fashion Week. In addition to engagements on other shows such as the Berlin Fashion Week and the platform Fashion, SCAVI & RAY is also present on TV. During the ProSieben-show Fashion Hero with Claudia Schiffer SCAVI & RAY HUGO was communicated with wide coverage.

SCAVI & RAY: Finest Prosecco made ​​in Italy!

The heart of the brand SCAVI & RAY is the premium Prosecco Frizzante. It is vinified from 100% of the white grape variety Glera which thrives in prime vineyards of the stunning and sun-drenched countryside of Veneto in Northern Italy. The grapes are picked in their perfect state of ripeness. Only Vino Frizzante with the highest level of quality will reach the bottling. After being filled, the bottles get a cachet in the shape of an exclusive SCAVI & RAY lead seal. This is not only true craftsmanship but the only way to ensure the high quality standards. Furthermore the Vino Frizzante is labeled with the D.O.C Prosecco-banderole and thus approved as a true Italian quality product which - by the way - was honored with countless prizes. Most recently with a silver medal during the international competition Catavinum and the award for "Best international sparkling wine 2013" by the renowned gastro magazine FIZZZ.

With its 10.5% vol. the Vino Frizzante is suited as a classy appetizing aperitif or as a light accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes, which is available in the stylish 0.75 liter bottle. The 0.2 liter Piccolo serves for spontaneous enjoyment.

The wine-based cocktail SCAVI & RAY HUGO is a blend of finest Italian Prosecco, elderflower syrup and a fresh mint leaf. Whether freshly mixed or in the practical pre-mix-edition of SCAVI & RAY - with HUGO gourmets will get closer to the taste of summer with each sip. Because of its freshness and lightness HUGO is primarily one thing: Dolce Vita in your glass! The glass only fills perfectly with the original HUGO by SCAVI & RAY. Everything else is just an attempt to discover the secret of this unique flavor.

With just 6% vol. HUGO is perfect as an aperitif, as a light companion to Mediterranean food in a beach bar and restaurant or for partying in the trendiest bars and clubs. Whether London, New York, Milan or Palma - the high flyer of SCAVI & RAY Winery has long since conquered the big cities of the world and established the unique authentic HUGO taste in international hot spots.

Premium-Prosecco promises exclusive enjoyment

In 2014, the portfolio of SCAVI & RAY is complemented by an absolute highlight: the DOC certified vintage Prosecco SCAVI & RAY MOMENTO D'ORO Millesimato, filled in bottles which were made by hand. With its exquisite gold design and the exceptional quality it offers a unique treat for special moments. To emphasize its value the precious vintage is sold exclusively in selected catering objects as well as duty-free areas and other international hot spots. MOMENTO D' ORO is a cuvée of hand-picked Glera grapes - ripened in high-quality vineyards in Northern Italy. Only the best grapes of its vintage are chosen for the D.O.C. certified Prosecco Millesimato.

Considering its fashionable positioning SCAVI & RAY launches an exclusive fashion edition for London Fashion Week twice a year. The first fashion edition was launched in February 2014 - designed by the distinguished accessories label Wrq.e.d. of London.

Furthermore, the introduction of a non-alcoholic Prosecco and Rosato, as well as the expansion of the wine range are planned for the upcoming months.